Hi there. I’m Jamie York, a motivated web developer, and this is my quaint little place on the internet.

I've been working in the web development industry for ten years, and have worked in both the United Kingdom and Canada.

I tweet occassionally on Twitter and put my code on Github and Gists.

About Me

I'm from Leicester, which is a city in the middle of the UK where the weather is usually overcast or rainy. I graduated from De Montfort University with a 1:1 (Hons) BSc in Computing, and have been working in the web development industry ever since.

I cut my teeth in web development working for Mooloop, which is a custom web development studio based in Leicester. I spent four years there building websites and web applications for large, well-known brands and small, local companies.

For my next role I hopped on a plane and flew thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to work for Media32 Inc, which is a lovely, bespoke web and graphic design studio based in Alberta, Canada. During my time there I developed websites and web applications for a variety of clients, and also managed operations.

I currently work for Fusions PIM, which is a friendly company that specialises in web-based product information management systems (PIM) for companies such as Asda, which is one of the UK's largest supermarket retailers, and their clothing company George. I work remotely on the system they use daily to manage their entire product catalogue, developing new features, writing lots of tests, deploying releases and providing support.


I'm good at working with the following technologies:

  • PHP 7, Composer
  • Slim Framework, Symfony and Laravel Components, PHPUnit, Codeception
  • HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Apache, Nginx
  • MySQL, SQL
  • Git, Mercurial, SVN
  • Ansible
  • VirtualBox, Vagrant
  • macOS, Windows, Linux (Debian or Ubuntu flavours)
  • Bash

Although I primarily work with PHP, I'm also comfortable working with other languages. In the past I've built websites with Ruby using Rails and Sinatra, and I enjoy dabbling with NodeJS. I'm currently in the process of learning Go, and finding out where Docker fits into my workflow.

I run the Awesome PHP project, which is a popular curated list of all things PHP-related. To the best of my knowledge it's the original 'awesome list', starting out its life as a gist on Github in January 2012.

I built this website using PHP 7, Slim Framework, SASS, Gulp, Composer, Yarn, Nginx and Ansible.


In my spare time I love going on long walks with my girlfriend and our dog, watching movies, playing computer games, reading books and drinking tea. Usually I play singleplayer games with a strong focus on story and exploration, and I like watching Scandinavian 'Nordic Noir' style TV shows, and reading crime, science fiction and fantasy novels.

I'm also into computers. I build my own gaming PCs, and I'm a fan of small form factor machines. I like the challenge of trying to cram as much power as I can into a tiny case. I've also got a Raspberry Pi, which I've configured as media centre, and a network storage backup.


Want to chat about something? Or would you like a copy of my resume? Send me an email and I'll respond as soon as I can.